2 July 2015

Doll Making

I sometimes find my creative mind to be impulsive and irrational… a need to start projects and not finish them. As a creative business woman it is important to allow my inner child to play, do something new, go crazy and make a mess. 

Then a few weeks later I sit back and see what my business brain thinks – can this idea be developed or should it be done just for fun. 

Last year I found myself in a haberdashery store and obviously I got over excited with the endless possibilities,  so brought a tonn of stuff to make a Olivia doll. A few months later I found the discarded bag of goodies and figured I'd better start. I’ve been showing my progress via my Instagram page

I didn’t plan my first doll very well I just needed to "get making", which means I made a few rookie errors. This was all about the process and judging if I like making dolls. It has been so fun.

The actual final doll will be finished soon and I have come up with some more practical ideas for my dolls, which I will show you very soon.

Other business

The winner of the instagram giveaway was @tregurthabird

Thanks for visiting and see you soon.



18 June 2015

Nyha Cards is Celebrating

Nyha Cards had its first year of business, my solo endeavor to design, publish and (whole)sell colourful greeting cards to a colourful world

My aim is to create art that showcases all shades of the skin tone spectrum, from dark to light. My focus & passion, we all matter & should all be represented. A challenging but rewarding task for many reasons. 

The first year has been an amazing whirlwind, I guess time flies when you're having fun, I have encounted some very brave "feel the fear and do it anyway” moments and have great achievements to remember. Its a great time for me to celebrate, re focus on the great art I made and get excited about the new art I will make.

Moving forward I am using valuable feedback from customers and stockists. Allowing me to design an additional 15-20 new designs with consumer needs in mind. 

My cards are selling in Morleys department store, Brixton

Something totally unique for local gift shops, Streatham

I will push for a few more stores in London and network to have my greeting cards nationally.  I have such appreciation for all the people around the world who support not only Nyha Cards but also my Nyha Graphics creative journey. Showing my art has been great to building confidence and connecting with people near and far. 

As a small thank you I have a giveaway, via my Instagram, where you can have the opportunity to win 10 free greeting cards. 

Thanks very much for visiting and your continued support.
Creative vibes, Ni


11 May 2015

Back to Work

Hello everyone! 

I was on a sabbatical, it's great to be back.
I had a chance to have a nice much need rest and re focus.

Lots creative work and fun planned which I can't wait to share with you all.

I’ll be updating skills, exercising my creative brain and try new things.

Here are a few of my current interests and I intend to explore and refine

Pattern Design • Hand Lettering •  Typography  • Writing •  Bespoke Artwork  • New Products

My main aim is to strip it back to the ART and JOY of creating.

You can find me via my facebook pages
or twitter

Thank you all for the comments, likes, shares and following.

Creative Love,



14 December 2014

illo_advent day 14

Yeah two weeks, only six more from me... then I hibernate LOL
Have you had any favourites? Or would you like to see anything special?

PS I have noticed my blog post colours have been coming up a little saturated, this is a little more pastely, see flickr versions of all post via http://www.flickr.com/photos/hi_ni

13 December 2014

Abominable Snowman

Day thirteen, anyone for Christmas pud?
I hope you're enjoying the my festive illustrations. I have decide to do my last advent calendar illustration on the 20th, my Etsy store will also close for the holidays.

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