20 June 2012

Illustration Friday Secret

 When you’re a creative person or new to the game of freelance design and illustration…you get tons of random request to do things not in your style or for free. New creative’s I would not recommend working for free at all.
I think the key is to always try to get paid in some way. Trade skills “I scratch your back you scratch mine” for example if I work for sports charity and they can’t pay (no funding) maybe they could pay in tennis sessions. 
Do not be persuaded by the old saying “it will be good for your folio” speech…its not true…80% won’t be any good… these projects above are a classic example.
“Will I use it in my folio?”
“err no way!”
“Will it get me more freelance work?” very unlikely and if so not work I want more of. 
“Did I learn something?” yep…its hard to do projects you don’t enjoy, you can end up resenting it.
Luckily I got paid for most of these projects… but it did leave me wondering if it was worth it, I mean I love charity work and stuff for kids’ projects so didn’t mind the flyers. 

But the character design project (which is top secret btw between us - my blog followers) was a total time waster and zapped my creative energy. It was a total relief when it was cancelled. Thankfully the project is out of my hands now and on to another illustrator, whom I'm sure will do a great job and I still got paid for my time.
My lesson is to stay focused and only do what truly trills me, art that has a purpose and/or will be something I’m happy to put my name to and time.  Seriously I have a day job that ensures I do enough design I can’t use in my folio, why subject myself to more :o) 

PS i was asked why the Nyha Graphics this is why 
Nyha Graphics does the bits I don’t like as much, the business bits, the bits that pay the rent and Naomi C Robinson is the authentic me, as an artist doing what makes me totally happy. 

“Art for the Soul”

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  1. Helpful advice! I'm glad you are "out from under" the character design project. Stay happy :)

    1. :o) x Phew... I'm so glad too. Thank you for your support.


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